Dance Through Life Yoga

These inspired classes are designed not just for dancers but EVERY body no matter what shape, size or ability. Discover calm focus, newfound energy, an open heart and connection to self and others.  Through the practice of Power Yoga full-body musculature strengthens, posture and alignment improves. The study of breath control empowers each movement and the possibilities for enhancing physical flexibility and mental clarity seem limitless.

Yoga For Dancers


Our Classes

We offer a wide range of dance classes for girls and boys from 2 1/2 through adult.
From beginner through advanced and professional.

David Walker is a Toronto based photographer specializing in performance photography. He also cottages in Muskoka and called us out of the blue one day looking for dancers to shoot. Since then we have formed a great relationship and he has photographed many of our students and instructors. The Ballet School is fortunate indeed to have David as a friend.
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