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The School of Ballet and Dance Arts welcomes you! Whether you are enrolling your child, or perhaps yourself, we know you will have many questions. We are here to help. Please contact us. We want to hear from you.

What are your tuition rates and policies?

Our fees and welcome package can be obtained by contacting us by phone or email. Ultimately, to register, a one on one consultation is necessary. We like the personal touch to share all about our multiple class and family discounts and our scholarship programs.

Does BSB offer free trial classes?

Of course we do! Let us know what class you would like to try in addition to the style you are already taking and the first class is free! We can uniquely tailor a schedule to help you achieve your personal goals.

When are fees due?

The dance season runs from September through June. We divide this into three semesters (usually 12 weeks in length). Payments by cash or cheque are due the first week of each new semester. If this does not suit your budget, contact the Director and special arrangements can be made to pay monthly.

How is a child’s class placement determined?

The age of a dancer is used only as a guideline. Other deciding factors are the child’s ability to learn, their emotional maturity, technical level, physical strength and flexibility. Dance educators develop “an eye” for evaluating a dancer’s skill level and potential. We want to assure that our students are getting the best possible training. Students are often placed into a different level that is best suited to their needs. This happens within the first few weeks of the year.

How does BSB treatdance competitions differently than other studios?

We consider competitions to be an education. We believe that it is beneficial to learn from an adjudicator’s comments and be inspired by watching other dancers. Our goal is to create a performance opportunity and to instill in our students that the importance is in the Art form. The love, and the work we do from the studio to the stage is the motivating reward…..not the trophies or medals. We are artists that have been given a beautiful gift already

What other performance opportunities can I look forward to with BSB?

Along with a Christmas concert in December and a June Recital, we perform at Festivals, Galas and community events. Our students can then use their art in a positive and meaningful way. We love doing charity functions.

What if I want to dance professionally?

Proudly maintaining the highest level of industry standards, BSB is a recognized educational Institution, not without influence in assisting students to pursue higher education in theatre/dance. We can prepare candidates for International Examinations and refer them to the many elite schools we are connected with.

David Walker is a Toronto based photographer specializing in performance photography. He also cottages in Muskoka and called us out of the blue one day looking for dancers to shoot. Since then we have formed a great relationship and he has photographed many of our students and instructors. The Ballet School is fortunate indeed to have David as a friend.
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