The Cecchetti Method of ballet is a style of classical, theatrical dance based on the teachings of the great Italian ballet master Enrico Cecchetti (1850-1928). Born into a family of professional dancers, Maestro Cecchetti had a distinguished career as a principal dancer on the international scene before becoming a teacher of renown. He taught in Russia, Poland, Italy and England and became the private instructor of Anna Pavlova and many other celebrated dancers. Both recreational and exam levels of this syllabus are taught at the school as well as the R.A.D. method. 

hip hop

Given its humble beginnings as a street dance, hip hop has become increasingly popular in the past two decades. Thanks to irresistible rhythms and eye-catching steps that break many of the conventions of classical dance, hip hop has made its way to the stage.  Dance lovers celebrate its innovative nature, choreography and styles varying from old school to the latest trends.  These classes are passionate, soulful and personally fulfilling with many 'sub-styles' such as house, krump, break dancing, commercial hip hop, freestyle, lyrical, popping, locking, gliding etc. All will be studied


( as stated in the DMA manual)

 A slower, smooth style of jazz dance blending European classical ballet, American modern dance and ethnic/world dance forms. The choreographic expression of the performer, with respect to content and projection, interprets the lyrics and/or quality of the music. Routines demonstrate balance, extension and control. 



is a rhythmic, percussive dance form seen primarily in commercial venues such as Broadway shows, The Academy Awards, dance revues and music videos. Evolving from a blend of European and African traditional social dances, it assimilated into the American culture, with Ballet and Modern Dance contributing to its elegance and African Dance providing its rhythmic propulsion and percussive style.

Tap(Music for the feet)

 Tap dance is an example of a non-partnered dance that is generally choreographed, with one or more participating dancers. A rhythmical tapping sound is attained by the dancer from the small metal plates on the dancer's shoes. It is in his way that the dancer also becomes a percussive musician. Tap dance is often characterized by syncopation and improvisation. Tap can also be performed without music, known as ‘Capella’ dancing. Another type of Tap dance is the ‘soft-shoe’ form, which is a style that is performed in soft-soled shoes without metal taps. The nature of the tapping in this style of Tap is more leisurely and smooth, and there is generally an element of humour within the dance routines.

Street Jazz/heels 

FUN, high energy choreography is taught using the latest Top 40 Pop tunes & Clubmusic. This is ideal for beginners looking to learn basic dance vocabulary & get a great workout! 


With a commitment to sound & safe principles BSB combines precision acrobatic tricks with various dance styles, expanding the range of dance and physical control. Learning new skills will enhance ones overall performance



is a form of dance as a performing art, variously developed in the 20th cent. by Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, Martha Graham, etc., and characterized by bodily movements and rhythms less formalized than in classical ballet and less firmly bound to predetermined musical form. 


An art form composed of unique elements from Jazz, Modern and Lyrical backgrounds. It explores elements of space, shape, time and energy with an emotional interpretive edge. Classes train for a solid grounding in leg technique combined with isolated and/or fluid upper body movements. Choreography displays highly individualized concepts

Character/World Dance

A popular and energetic styling of traditional ethnic dances from around the world mixed with modern day flair. Syncopated rhythms and intricate movements make this a joyful and educational class.


Originating in Ireland, Irish dancing is a traditional dance form that is both social and performance oriented. It encompasses a wide variety of styles including reels, slip jigs and hornpipes for solo, pair, and groups.  Variations of Irish dances can be enjoyed and mastered from a young age.  We will study soft shoe Performance Irish Dance; traditionally referred to as "step dance," which became popular in 1994 with the creation of the world-famous show "Riverdance." This style is recognizable for its rapid leg movements, precise footwork accompanied by controlled upper bodies and arms.


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These inspired classes are designed not just for dancers but EVERY body no matter what shape, size or ability. Discover calm focus, newfound energy, an open heart and your authentic self. Through the practice of Power Yoga full-body musculature strengthens, posture and alignment improves. The study of breath control empowers each movement and the possibilities for enhancing physical flexibility and mental clarity seem limitless.

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Broadway, Song & Dance Workshops

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