Dance is an aesthetic art form. Proper grooming is a necessary aspect of the disciplineof dance. Absolutely no street wear is to be worn in class.  As well, jewellery must be removed to prevent injuries. The Ballet School’s Dress Code is strictly adhered to and it is as follows…

Ballet Attire: Ballerina Pink tights. Theatrical Peach/Pink kid leather ballet slippers with sewn elastics, which we will order and fit for you. Black bodysuit (any style) and hair neatly fastened in a bun. Of Special Note. Split soles may be worn at the Intermediate level (12 & up). Younger students need the arch support of a full sole.

Jazzy Jammers, Grammumbabies,Tippity Bippity Pre-Tap * & Ballet, Wee Piggies, Combo Dancers:  Any colour matching bodysuit and tights.   ‘Daisy’ theatrical Peach/Pink ballet slippers or gymnastic shoes by Body Wrappers.  *Black Junior Tyettes for the Tap portion of  the class.

Jazz Attire: Capris or full length stretch leggings, tights, jazz pants or dance shorts. Any colour tank top, half top or bodysuit. Hair must be neatly styled off the face-no exceptions! A pony tail is the easiest and elastics are provided in the powder room. Please refrain from wearing baggy clothes. We need to see the dancer underneath!

In an effort to participate in Eco-Friendly Fitness, we have a new water cooler, which was a gift from our Senior Dancers, set up in the waiting area.  Students are also asked to bring stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic ones and use the blue boxes provided.

Hip Hop: ONLY Hip Hoppers are encouraged to wear baggy track pants & T-shirts, as it allows the dancer to get into the “Feel” of the genre.  NO HATS, BANDANAS or JEANS in any classes!


Dance Wear Links

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Miss Lester's, Huntsville

Dancewear Centre, Toronto

Danceshoppe, Toronto


Sweet Feet, Jr./El./Int. Jazz: Black slip on Jazz oxfords

Sr. Jazz, Int./Sr. Lyrical & Contemporary:  Foot Undeez

Street Jazz,  Elementary Hip Hop:  Any colour (bright) High Top Converse

Int./Sr. Hip Hop: Black High-top Converse with white laces

Int./Sr. Tap:  Black Full Sole Tap Oxfords 

Character & Boy’s Ballet:  Black Ballet Slippers

Modern & Acro:  Bare Feet and a smile

Pointework:  Miss E has personally fitted her students for over 30 years.  If necessary our dancers are recommended to Pointe shoe specialists in Toronto.

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